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Stone walls for buildings

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Ian Stock

Real stone is possibly the best material for modelling stone buildings, but it is not easy to work, and large structures end up very heavy. I have made mine instead, using a well weatherproofed exterior grade 9mm plywood shell, covered in exterior grade Polyfilla. I find cheaper versions contain too much sand and tend to crumble.


  Cutter-made stone wall on a small cottage.


This is used to cover the building in a thick layer, perhaps 4-6mm thick, and stone work is impressed when the filler is almost dry, using a plastikard stamp rather like a cookie cutter. You will need to add corner stones etc. manually, then fill in using the stamp (including upside down and back to front to create a less repetitive effect) and then fill in the spaces between the stamps manually. I have also used the technique to make brickwork. In both cases, the cutter was built up on a printout of the real thing using strips of plastikard joined using Liquid Poly.


Don't make the cutter too big or you will a) have difficulty fitting it in between windows, doors etc. and b) not be able to push it in hard enough to obtain a decent impression. I add small 'fins' to the corners of my buildings to prevent the filler layer from thinning towards the ends of the wall.



    The cutter after some heavy use.

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